Mo Duffy Cobb

Mo spent ten years as an English teacher, a French teacher, and an English as an Additional Language teacher (EAL). Her years spent working with international students, travelling and exploring the world remained with her, however, and writing nonfiction was a natural fit. In 2015, Mo received her Masters in Fine Arts, at Vermont College of the Art’s prestigious Creative Non Fiction program.

Mo is the Founder and Editor of Cargo Literary, an online magazine which is devoted to publishing transformational travel experiences. Inspired by her own experiences, she now hopes to share the stories of others.

When Mo isn’t writing essays, she’s printing off Star Wars printable colouring sheets for four-year old Ari, making videos with eleven year old Leila, or teaching 13-month old Veda how to use a spoon. She and her husband dream often about returning to Bali.

Mo lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, in Canada’s smallest, most beautiful province.  She loves homemade pumpkin soup and acoustic guitars, frequents the Farmer’s Market, and waits all year for the island’s short, but glorious, strawberry season.

To reach Mo, please feel free to email, or follow me on Twitter.


  1. Hi Maureen,

    My daughter, Megan, was a student and big fan of yours at Queen Charlotte. I am working on a new social media/webs series project that might be of interest to you. Please contact me by email and I will send you details. I would love to discuss it with you further.

    Mark Sandiford

  2. je suis trop fière de toi et de ce que tu deviens….
    j’adorerais lire tes livres mais en français ça serait mieux ! 😉
    dommage que nous soyons si loin et que la langue ne soit la même , mais je pense qu’on pourrais discuter des heures de la vie toutes les deux!! c’est marrant de voir que même enfant, les choix d’amitié ne sont pas innocents, sans le savoir, nous avions les même choses dans la tête, sauf qu’à 10 ans , on ne parle pas encore de ça!!
    longue vie à toi


  3. I love your stories and sweet words! Your posts always make me sad and happy at the same time. I hope you have a wonderful inspiring restful exciting trip and I can’t wait to see you soon. love b

  4. Thanks Becky! Can’t wait to catch up when you up to the island from good ole Tennessee – we’ll have to celebrate lobster and mussel style. Take care and thanks for your sweet comment.

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