october workshop: building a journal writing practice

Thanks to the Association for Newcomers to Canada for inviting me to host their workshop, “Journaling: How to Building A Creative Practice”. I was so happy to see some friendly faces amidst the pandemic’s uncertainties – even if we were masked and had to social distance. 

It’s a good reminder for all of us. Journaling is so valuable! After years of toddler wake-ups, busy sessional schedules, household noise and more, my cozy little downstairs office between 5 and 7 am was literally the only time I was alone in the world! And it turns out that there’s a reason people that lots of writers depend on the fluidity of quiet time: it’s called “crystallized intelligence” and you can read more about it HERE. Journalling also has lots of actual health benefits: it reduces stress, creates self-awareness, helps you focus on the positive, and more. 

This workshop gave me great clarity, focus and a chance to kickstart my own journalling practice!

If you are trying to build your own journal-writing practice, remember these tips:

  • Choose a time every day that works for you. Set the timer, and start with 15 minutes a day.
  • Experiment with writing versus typing – both use neural pathways.
  • Use writing prompts if they help you.
  • Free write with no expectations.
  • Build in the time to sit and think. Writing is not always easy.
  • Collect your ideas in a tiny notebook, or on the fridge.
  • Be ready when the spirit comes to you.