basically, i’m famous

Spring update and welcome to pandemic life in Canada! While 2020 has thrown us many curveballs, there have been some pleasant surprises. First of, I have graduated from President of PEI Writers’ Guild to Executive Director! The only minor shortcoming was that my internet cut out at the precise moment that the hiring committee said, “You’re hired!” And I stood, frozen in space offering puzzling looks when they came to me laughing their heads off. Thank you, country internet! 

One of my biggest highlights so far has been collecting videos, organizing and editing the 33rd Annual Island Literary Awards, a normally lovely in-person event that the PEI Writers’ Guild have hosted. Usually our team gets all dolled up, invites the whole community, including sponsors, ILA winners, their families, and the whole community to a very fancy hotel – with flowers, music and wine. Well, this year, we knew we had to do things a little differently. 

While it may not have been the most glamorous time in the world, I LOVED broadcasting the ILAs with all the distinction of a royal gala, straight from my living room, in front of my collection of motherhood, travel, and favourite fiction. 
Thanks to all of you who tuned in and may this day extra special! Facebook lives of the world, here we come! 

To learn about the Island Literary Awards, or to submit, visit: