joining the Book Club circuit

One of the most wonderful ways I have gotten to know my readers is by attending book clubs all over PEI. These have been a truly special time to chat with people about the book’s resident themes.

Welcome to the Pendergast Family Book Club, a PEI family that comes together four times a year to celebrate their favourite reads, and to share laughs and expressions with each other. They meet the May long weekend, Canada Day weekend, Labour weekend and Thanksgiving weekend, the evening I was fortunate to join them.

The leader of the group is Kensington native and retired school teacher, Mary Crane (standing). Mary keeps the gang on track by timing their responses. Each Pendergast has three minutes to respond.

The scene is jovial, full of candlelight and stories not shared before, touching on themes of wild unkempt family travel and private losses. I am so honoured to be here . Below, my retired grade nine English Language Arts teacher, who is proud to share with the group that he taught me everything I know. Almost, Alan! Almost.

An impromptu book signing table is set up beside crackers, cheese and salami, and a queue is formed. New friends are made, glasses of wine shared, and stories of strength and resilience celebrated.

Thanks to Aunt Carolyn Pendergast for hosting out at her home in Sea View, PEI. And to all the new Pendergasts I met – you are a beautiful bunch. Thanks for all the great conversations. 

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