Unpacked Book Trailer


The Unpacked Book Trailer!!

Back in December, my friend and filmmaker Andrew MacCormack and I got to together for a chat at my cottage in Stanley Bridge, PEI. I wanted to do a book trailer, but I didn’t exactly know what I wanted. He set up his gear, lights, camera and all, and away we went.

First, I fumbled awkwardly. And then I fixed my hair, and then I fumbled again. And then, I started talking. And i tripped on the words, mispronounced my own name, and said, “no, cut. Can I start again?”

“Just pretend the camera’s not even there,” Andrew said, “Just talk to ME.”  Like we were at the campfire. Like we were on the ski hill. Places we usually go with our four-year old boys.

Finally, I relaxed. And I started talking —  I couldn’t stop. And I talked, and I talked, and I talked. And I told him EVERYTHING, and made a lot of work for him to narrow it down to one minute and forty seconds.

Andrew asked me for all the video we had from Asia, which I collected, dusted off, and gave him.  The camcorder is now archaic. Admittedly, he wasn’t that impressed with my cinematographic skills, and he told me I should stick to writing. Then he enlisted the beautiful ambient work of Millefiore Clarkes of One Thousand Flowers, who worked with him to take the trailer to the level you see today. After you watch the video, please share it with a friend. Hopefully the story will resonate with you or someone you know.

Presenting, Unpacked.


  1. Wow, Mo! This is wonderful! I will share this with many women/men I know that have had such an unbearable loss, as that of a child. You are so talented (always remembered your skills in writing from school) and I hope I can find your book when it’s out and cannot wait to read your story! Beautiful❤

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