overhead bins filled with dreams

When two crisp, clean Purolator boxes arrived at my door just a few days ago, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The books are here. They have crisp clean pages, are full of dreams and surrenders, and have my name and title on the cover. They must be the real deal??

I am also making headway with the book trailer.  You will see it soon, I promise. In the meantime, I continue to pluck away at the strings of book promotion, which I am afraid I am not very good at so far, but hopefully I will get better.

Probably time for a little sneak peak:

“I have always felt alive in the whoosh of transit. The intrigue of airports, where thousands of mysterious guests head each day to thousands of unknown destinations, red scarves and black hats and a knowing glance from someone who sits at a bar, the large personalities who sit under the cramped overhead bins filled with dreams and hopes and promises. For a moment in time, we are all there, strangers – encounterers – observing the masses: who stays awake, who sleeps, who reads, who drinks.”

Save the date for the Book Launch – Thursday, June 22nd at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery @ 7 pm. Launch party to follow at Upstreet Craft Brewing.