excitement rising for release of Unpacked

I am now getting super excited because all of our final editorials are done, and the publisher says the books are in the mail! Yes there’s a book! Read more about it here https://moduffycobb.com/unpacked/

Things I’m feeling are: terror, excitement, cautious enthusiasm, and more terror. In today’s marketplace, being a writer means being an entrepreneur. There’s the blogs, there are interview to organize, photos to paw through, and web pages to update.  This is the total opposite of sitting in my office, in candlelight, finishing the intimacies of my memoir.

Sending this book into the world feels conclusive. No more edits, no more chances to get the wording right. No more revisions to the precarious scene with Mom. No more wondering if Mitch stays married to me at the end (spoiler – he does!) No more soul-searching on the depths of how I made losing a baby  okay.

Books need marketing. How do I market a panicked moment, a day filled with grief? This book is lonely. It is unruly. It is messy, and honest, and scary. How do I market that?

Although the travels that Unpacked is based on were eight years ago, they are magically appearing in my life all the time. A fully grown grade-sixer, our toddler daughter Leila now asks me for images of the Philippines. “When we were there, Mom,” she asks, “Who were my friends?” Cats. Waves. Beaches. Other small people. Grandmas who made us laugh. Fruit sellers.

Did I grow up there, in the Philippines?

Although this book is conclusive, yes, it isn’t the whole story. How could it be?

Next to unroll the beautiful book trailer that Andrew MacCormack and Millefiores Clarkes have put together, which bathes my narrative in light and colour, frames it in perspective and time.

You will see it soon, I promise!

Love Mo



  1. Great news! Congrats and we will read it soon…..8 years…wow. Love ❤️ to all !!!!!

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  2. Wow!! So proud of you MO! You are an inspiration, an amazing woman! I can’t wait to read this! XO

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