I may not be beyond a book of kids poetry yet. Enjoy. 


Wishy, washy, will he know?
Will he know which way to go?

I eye the streetscape, fast and slow,
grab her hand and No, No, NO!

One’s gone I missed it, time’s for sure,
next time next time, one I’ll lure

arm’s up high now, in the street,
bikes and carts and Beijing meats!

Leila clings, don’t lose me mom,
no I won’t dear, come along!

traffic wakes now its green light
buses, people fight or flight.

please please stop here, taxi please,
I wait for you in desperate need…

feeling faint now, hot and tired
stretch my hand four wheels desired

I see one coming! hold on tight!
we’ll reach it Leila, be alright!

Noodles swish I drop my lunch
there go the chopsticks off my bunch

here! we’re here, please stop for us!
he’s pulling over, Lei, enough!

And now we enter, slip inside
shī fu, we’re going for this ride.


  1. Oh I love this…I can totally visualize this hectic little moment with you and Lei!!

    Great poetry my friend.
    You amaze me!!


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