Let’s Start a Movement!

Four.Years.Go. Now imagine the possibilities!

There’s so much blogging, facebooking, texting,  emailing, tweeting, and direct messaging going on these days that I barely know where information is coming from anymore. At first I noticed the title had Nonviolence and Birth Canal in it and I thought that I had somehow been sent the message by accident after I tweeted about a documentary I watched The Business of Being Born (you’ll want a water birth five minutes later, I swear) and a smaller, shorter film called Born in PEI.

But somehow this message reached me, and I thought I should share it. I was immediately totally inspired by the writer Clayton Barker who is working on this project,  (check out his info here http://www.indiegogo.com/Being-in-the-Integral-Nonviolence-Birth-Canal ).

When I read his plan to create an experiential book research project (first of all – i love the sound of that), I felt like I was reading Three Cups of Tea again and experiencing the amazing beginnings of Greg Mortenson as he discovered those isolated mountains in Pakistan and resolved to start building schools there. Yes for making things happen!

Let’s do it! Let’s start a movement!

Read about Barker’s “A Living Book Research Project & Journey of Experiential-Learning” at his blog, Co-Creating Connection. There are several ways to donate money, time, and energy to this project, and many of the perks involve Clayton himself calling you and singing, “thank you” in 35 languages.

If you have an idea, or you would like to start a movement, please leave your comments, email me, co-write a book with me, start a project, or join my movement – the one where I publish a book this year! I’m waiting for you!

xoxoxo Mo

PS – Check out this video and imagine starting a movement.

Empire of the Sun “Walking on a Dream”


  1. YEah, I feel it. I’m all in. I’m pretty sure its already in the consciousness of most people, pretty much around the globe, I’d love to be able to spread it around better, like peanut butter. Everyone of us a catalyst to this change, we are our own butter knives.
    I think I’m gonna open a baby shop on PEI, I think you would make an excellent dula, cha ching. every revolution needs its funding. We’ll chain that shit.
    I’m gonna check out that experiential book thingy… no need to cite sources, sweet!

  2. Thanks for this post Mo! 4 years… A very precise amount of ‘time’, given the trajectory and meandering paths we’ve created since the emergence of ‘civilization’ …coincidentally 1,460 +/- a few days is the same length of time a City Councillor commits to when elected….I like it. It’s a fresh reminder of relationships with our communities, earth and selves and how we interpret their interdependency.

    What is the most amazing thing we can create together in 4 years…?!

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