too many mystics, not enough time

Mitch checked the mail yesterday. He ran to the kitchen, exclaiming, “Mo! You’ve got mail from the publisher!” I panicked. I started to sweat, my thoughts raced, and then I ignored it. “I’m not opening it now.” I may never open it. Mitch grabbed it from me and threatened to open it himself. My eyes watered. Then I ran into the bathroom, closed the door, and hid like a scared kitten.They weren’t going to want it. But what if they did?

I read the letter, or at least most of it. They love the idea of my book, but they don’t really publish these types of memoir and self-help. Any way you slice it, self-help is just a terrible name for a genre. I cringe. Is that what this is? Is that what I am?

Here’s my annoyed face.

A handwritten note in the corner of the letter from the editor soothes me a little. He says although they can’t publish my work, he thinks it’s wonderful that I’ve chosen to write my story down and that he believes this should “find a home somewhere”. I guess that’s good. Mitch says it’s great and gives me a hug.

I emailed my editor to tell her about it, and she laughed. She thought it was a great letter to get back from an editor and she thinks I should keep it for posterity. That was also a good sign.I guess I won’t give up, just yet.


  1. boo, for the no.

    yay, for the handwritten note and the hopefulness of “find a home somewhere.” i believe it.

    and clapping, for such a funny post about what must have been terribly disappointing news. we’re going to enjoy this journey with you.

  2. Keep on rocking in the free world. Ron Sexsmith advises that the ones who stick around and keep doing it will eventually stick around and keep doing it!
    xo Robert

  3. oh sweet lady, I wish I was there to give you a hug. Disappointment is never a fun time, but keep your chin up and spirits high, some of the most famous and fantastic books were rejected time and time again with no response……take that little note from the editor and stick it up some place you can see it daily and know that there are lots of people out here directing good magical energy in your direction…..I know it will happen, and so do you!

  4. Mo- I say yea all around! You wrote, you shared and you put it out there for review. I call that a very brave and ‘Mo’ thing to do!
    There is a home for the book and it is just a matter to find it. Chin up and hooray for you!!!

  5. Busy editors don’t use their valuable time writing notes for something that has no merit. The note is great!! Savour it and send you ms out again! Published writers are the ones who do not give up!

  6. Hi Mo,

    As someone who spent 18 years in the publishing biz, I know that editors don’t scribble notes on manuscripts they believe have no merit. Getting rejected is hard–it makes you feel more exposed than actually sending out the ms does–but think of rejections like vitamins: the more you get, the stronger and more resilient it makes you. That said, I hope your ms gets accepted sooner rather than later!


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