“Mystic Stillbirth” gets an editor

Yae! My writing project continues, through moons and suns and tides and cosmos, after days and weeks and nights and mornings. And I am finally getting somewhere! Mystic Stillbirth has an editor.

As I’ve already gone on a bit about, I went to a writing workshop last month called Seawords that invites writers of all ages and stages to gather and learn information about concept, creation, and the publishing industry. I registered with a hope in my heart to one day publish my dear memoir, Mystic Stillbirth: from Conception to Reflection, which is a manuscript I’ve written about the stillbirth and loss of our baby girl, Tya, and our ensuing family challenges that surrounded this event.

Sounds like a big event. I know. But it’s the story of my pregnancy and my amazing young family, the grief of a toddler, the strength of a community, and my unforgettable barter with the universe to pleeeeeeaaaase …. go easy on me.

Anyway, one of the writers at the conference gave me the name of a wonderful editor and I just spoke with her for the first time.

And I can tell right away, we are going to be wonderful friends. She says her fortes are dramatic structure and creating scenes, which is great considered I wrote most of the book in a shack in Thailand by candlelight (remember travelling fiasco?) The book could probably use a pick-me-up.

Anyway, for all those people thinking about this work, and believing in me, and reading this blog, I am honored to have you here.

xoxo Mo


  1. That’s fantastic Mo. Persistence, passion your talent will take you everywhere you want to go! Great job : )

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